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Vol XX - Edition XX

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February 17-20, 2006
9th joint meeting AANS/CNS Cerebraovascular Section and ASTIN meeting at the Caribe Royal Resort, Orlando, FL

Dr. Thomas Tomsick, the IMS III Neurointerventional Primary Investigator, was honored as the Lussenhop Lecturer at this meeting, and presented, “2006 Stroke Odyssey”. Investigators in the IMS III trial may want to examine this review of the IMS III Stroke Trial journey. Dr. Tomsick also presented the IMSD II results in a separate session of this meeting which had several joint sessions with the ISC. The Odyssey and IMS II study results are provided to the IMS III investigators to view as a PDF under the Tools Section of this web site. If you would like access to the actual PowerPoint slides, email us vial this site.

February, 18-19, 2006
IMS III Investigators Meeting at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center, Orlando, FL

A second, much more brief, investigators meeting was held on Saturday, just after the conclusion of the AHA ISC Meeting. Again, attendance was excellent and 8 neuro-interventionalists, 23 Neurologist/Emergency medicine, and 17 study coordinators, administrative staff, and corporate partners attended. As in January questions and comments were robust and enthusiastic. The trial timeline and projected changes to the protocol (amendment #1) were reviewed.

Jan18-19, 2006
IMS III Investigators Meeting in Cincinnati at the Kingsgate Marriott Conference Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

Despite being in the middle of January and the Midwest gloom, a very successful investigators meeting took place over these 1 ˝ days. Enthusiasm was palpable in the clinical investigators and staff who attended, which included 35 neurologist/emergency medicine, 25 neuro-interventionalists and 59 coordinators and other administrative staff. Representatives from all of the trials corporate partners were in attendance as well. Discussion about the protocol was robust, and many comments and suggestions have been incorporated into Amendment #1 of the IMS III Protocol. Thursday evening, a special dinner event was held at the Cincinnati Museum Center, in the Cincinnati History Museum, where everyone dined on the “water front”, circa 1892! Thanks needs to be extended to the corporate partners who made this event possible. If the participants ability to have a good time is any indication, then this trial will be a major success!

This Month's Tip:

Contracts & budgets are the number 1 delay in trial startup. Be pro-active with your Sponsored Programs and administrative support. And by all means, contact us with any questions!

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